Our Sustainability Mindset in Action

We strive to responsibly steward the environment. As part of our sustainability mindset, we integrate environmental considerations into every step of our decision-making process. Creating lasting benefits and protecting the environment is intertwined with our support of the communities where we live and operate. We operate with an eye toward protecting our land, water, and air. We prioritize environmental considerations as we plan our production, facilities, processes, and growth.  We adhere to environmental laws and regulations while also striving to reduce emissions and waste.  Continuous pursuit of improvement is a key marker of our operations and success as an organization. 



Climate change is a significant issue that merits action. Everyone must work together, and we are committed to doing our part. At Par Pacific, we continue to look for ways to minimize our carbon footprint while providing for the needs of our communities.  Each of our refineries operate under Title V Air Operating Permits issued by local air agencies. Pursuant to 4 monitor and maintain numerous pieces of process equipment on an ongoing basis to ensure and demonstrate compliance with strict air quality standards. Par Pacific continues to make extensive investments to produce cleaner-burning fuels while reducing air emissions. To reduce emissions, Par Pacific continues to install equipment across our operating footprint. This equipment is designed to capture emissions and make use of additional monitoring technologies to track and reduce other potential emission sources. Through continual learning, improvement and focus, we commit to play our role and take appropriate action in response to climate change and to reduce GHG emissions. We will do this while also providing for the energy needs of our communities.


Fresh water is a critical natural resource. Stewarding this valuable resource involves responsible sourcing, conservation, reuse, recycling, and suitable disposal. We focus on managing water sustainably and believe that efficient water use is essential. Our water management processes are tailored to the locations in which we operate, and water reuse and recycling are a priority. For instance, in Washington we minimize the amount of fresh water used by carefully treating water used during a cooling process and later using it to make the steam needed for a different process. In Hawaii over the past five years approximately 70% of the water consumed by the Par East Refinery has been put through a reverse-osmosis treatment by the City of Honolulu. Moreover, rather than consume any of the City's vital and limited public works treatment capacity, after being re-used by the refinery, the Par East Refinery treats its water effluent to stringent state water quality standards and injects the water into a saline aquifer. This prevents any direct discharge of treated waste water into the ocean. 


We live and work in some of the most beautiful parts of the United States. As a part of our sustainability mindset, we strive to limit our impact on the planet and to carry out our business activities in a sustainable manner. We take action. We also believe our industry has an important role in finding sustainable solutions. Through collaboration with local environmental and conservation organizations, we promote environmental stewardship. We have longstanding partnerships with many conservation organizations, including Hawaii Nature Center. By supporting their efforts through financial donations, board service, and volunteering, we seek to help them achieve their mission. Par Hawaii is a long-term sponsor of the Hawaii Nature Center programs including those that connect children and families to nature. We actively support the important work they do in our community.

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