The commercial team is charged with the acquisition of crudes and feedstocks used in the refinery, as well as the ultimate sale of products produced by the Refinery. Products that are produced are listed below and identified with the Specification Sheets and corresponding Safety Data Sheet.


For over forty years, U.S. Oil has been a consistent supplier of high quality paving grade and emulsified asphalts to contractors in the Puget Sound region. Working with Federal, State and Local agencies, we have become a leader in the development of products designed to improve the quality of the area's highways and roads.
U. S. Oil is also a key supplier of industrial grade asphalt to the roofing materials industry. Our industrial asphalt (Flux) is an integral component in the manufacture of high quality Asphalt Shingles, Rolled Goods and Coating Asphalts.

Crude Oil

Typical crude oils we process include:

  • Bakken Blend crude | SDS
  • Alaska North Slope crude | SDS
  • Cold Lake Crude Blend | SDS
Fuel Products

From our truck loading facility in Tacoma, U.S. Oil markets the full range of transportation fuels. Products available at our rack include:

.Unleaded Clear and E10 Gasolines
.Ultra Low Sulfur, and Premium Grade Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuels and Bio Fuels
.Dyed Ultra Low and Premium Grade Ultra Low for off-highway and Heating fuel uses
.Jet Fuels

Marine Fuels

Since our entry into the marine fuels market in 1980, U. S. Oil has had the reputation of being a supplier of high quality fuels to the maritime industry. From our marine terminal located in Tacoma, WA, we are well situated to meet the increasing demands for marine fuels generated by the rapidly expanding port areas of Seattle and Tacoma.
Our Marine Fuels Department is available on a 24 x 7 basis, working with our customers to ensure that their requirements are met on a timely and cost efficient basis. Through our continued commitment to Quality, Service and Performance U.S. Oil has earned its position as the premiere supplier of marine fuels in the Puget Sound.
U.S. Oil has the capability to deliver into barges or vessels at our Tacoma dock.

PG 70 & 76 Grades PDF
PG 64 Grades PDF
PG 58 Grades PDF
PG 52 Grades PDF
PG Grades for M332 (S,H,V,E) PDF
Cold Mix PDF
Emulsion PDF
Flux PDF
Terms and Conditions for Asphalt PDF
General Terms for Exchange and Sale of Light Products PDF
Gasoline PDF
Diesel ULSD (AK) PDF
Heating Oil PDF
BioDiesel B5 PDF
BioDiesel B10 & B20 PDF
Jet A-1 PDF
Jet A-1 (50) PDF
Ethanol PDF
Isomerate PDF
Butane PDF
Marine GO PDF
ISO-Marine Residual PDF
ISO-FO-Distillate PDF
Marine Provisions for Delivery and Loading PDF
USOR Marine Terminal Packet PDF
New Customer Packet ASPHALT (Rack) PDF
New Customer Packet ASPHALT (Rail) PDF
New Customer Packet LP PDF
New Customer Packet LP (Non-Carrier) PDF
Rack Carrier Access Agreement PDF
Scale Carrier Access Agreement PDF
Carrier Authorization Ship-To's PDF

Marine Fuels Dock information

Terminal: U.S. Oil & Refining Co.
Address: 1735 Port of Tacoma Road Tacoma, WA
Port: Tacoma
Lattitude: 47º 16'N
Longitude: 122º 24'W
Phone: 253-383-1651
Operations Contacts
Vetting Package Requests: Engineering Mgr.
Scheduling: Logistics Planner
Moored Vessel Status: Shift Supervisor
24 Hour Contact: USOR Shift Supervisor
Cell phone: 253-377-0910
Refinery Phone: 253-383-1651
Other Contact Information: Click Here


Terminal Specifications

Terminal has two docks. Dock #1 handles ships and barges. Dock #2 handles only barges. Oil products handled at this terminal are crude oil, gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, vacuum gas oil, and marine fuels.
Contact Puget Sound Pilots, 206-728-6400, for specific port transit restrictions. 

Dock #1 Berth Information

Maximum depth: 41' @ 0"MLLW.
Maximum vessel length: 900'
Maximum bow to manifold: 444'
Maximum deadweight: 125,000 tons
Maximum manifold height above MLLW: 71' (arms)
Minimum parallel mid-body (flat side): 400'
Maximum crude offloading rate: 35,000 Bbl/hr
Maximum manifold pressure: 125 psig
  250 gasoline
  250 16" hydraulic arms
  • Dock #1 has mooring and fendering capacity for 125k DWT vessels. Draft, tankage and offloading rate combine at present to limit vessels larger than 70k DWT to less than full cargo.
  • Services: Marine Fuels available at 3000 B/hr. Fresh water available if ship provides hose. There are no facilities at this terminal for dirty ballast, slop reception or hazardous waste.

Dock #2 Berth Information

Maximum depth:  23' @ 0"MLLW.
Maximum vessel length: 392'
Maximum bow to manifold:  212'
Maximum deadweight: 16,700 MT
Maximum manifold height above MLLW:  37'
Minimum parallel mid-body (flat side): 120.5'
Maximum crude offloading rate: -0-
Maximum manifold pressure: 125 psig
  • Dock #2 has mooring and fendering capacity for 16,700 MT vessels. Products that can loaded/unloaded at Dock #2: Jet, Fuel Oil, MDO, Cutter, Diesel.
  • Services: Marine Fuels available at 3000 B/hr. Fresh water available if ship provides hose. There are no facilities at this terminal for dirty ballast, slop reception or hazardous waste.
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