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U.S. Oil & Refining Co. (U.S. Oil), is a key supplier of refined products to Tacoma and the Pacific Northwest. Sitting at the crossroads between these rapidly growing markets, U.S. Oil is strengthening our legacy that began in the Puget Sound region in 1952. 

We meet the needs of our community by developing refined products in a safe, environmentally responsible and affordable way.  As a small refiner, we are an agile, entrepreneurial company that is uniquely positioned to meet local community product needs. We are different because this region is different.  The community where we live, and the people who are employees and partners, recognize the imperative of protecting and maintaining local waterways and habitat.  These priorities are embedded in our values and actions.

U.S. Oil has a refinery capacity of 42,000 barrels per day and a total storage capacity of 2.9 million barrels. We produce high quality motor, aviation and marine fuels, and are a leading in-state producer of asphalt. We proactively take steps to improve the sustainability of our refinery and logistics assets.

We also benefit from flexible crude sourcing, including rail access to Western Canadian and Bakken crudes as well as blue water access to waterborne crudes. In addition, our marine terminal allows connectivity to Pacific and West Coast product markets. We recently completed our biofuels logistics system which enables the transportation and storage of renewable fuels and marine access to other markets.

Andrew Troske
"The tradition of refining here in Tacoma is one that is evolving to include products and processes that take the grit we have as an industry, and apply it to more efficient, cleaner, sustainable energy sources. I’m proud of what we do to reflect the values of our community when it comes to the environment and confident we will continue to lead the way for others.”

-- Andrew Troske, Vice President and General Manager, U.S.Oil


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We Are Here for the Community

We supply what the community needs and provide essential fuels to one of the state's largest employers. With 86% of our products sold and used locally, we work to develop local relationships. For instance, by supplying Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) with jet fuel for more than 20 years, we have created a partnership that boosts the local economy.

Our Local Impact
 Job Creation
Job Creation

For every job at our refinery, the result is 11.9 additional jobs in Washington state

 City Taxes Paid
City Taxes Paid

In 2019, we supported Tacoma's economy by paying $9.9 MM in taxes and fees

 State Taxes Paid
State Taxes Paid

In 2019, we supported Washington state's economy by paying $17.7 MM in state taxes

Contact Us

U.S. Oil | 3001 Marshall Ave. Tacoma, WA 98421 | 253-383-1651

For any inquiries please direct to: marketingassistant@parpacific.com

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