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Wyoming Refining Company has been a cornerstone of the Newcastle, Wyoming community since the 1920’s. Our operations are strategically configured to meet the local transportation fuel needs of the Wyoming and South Dakota markets. The refinery produces a range of products from local crude oil basins. It is a highly efficient refinery, specializing in the production of light-end and middle products such as butane, propane, diesel, jet fuel, and gasoline. The capacity of the refinery is 18,000 barrels per day.

The 140-mile Thunder Creek crude oil gathering system sources crude primarily from the Powder River Basin. It is also connected to the Butte pipeline, allowing our refinery to directly access Bakken crude from North Dakota.

One of our primary local markets is the Rapid City, South Dakota metropolitan area with a population of approximately 135,000. With several national parks and monuments in the area, this region is a major summer tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors annually. This localized market is served via a 40-mile clean products pipeline system, two truck racks, a proprietary jet fuel terminal in Rapid City and a jet fuel pipeline that connects the refinery to Ellsworth Air Force Base.

“We are deeply committed to ensuring emergency response capabilities in our community and have taken significant leadership in our regional Local Emergency Planning Committee, supporting efforts to obtain federal funding for essential response equipment and training.”

-- Mike Farnsworth, Vice President and General Manager, Wyoming Refining Company


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Wyoming Refining Company | 10 Stampede St. Newcastle, WY 82701 | 307-363-0999

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